Today the Caiman Production Group celebrates its 25th anniversary!

29 August 2019
25th anniversary of Caiman

August 29, 2019 Caiman Production Group, a leading producer of Egoza barbed wire, celebrates its 25th anniversary. Founded in 1994, the Caiman Production Group has been developing dynamically all previous years and is currently the leader in the Ukrainian market of perimeter engineering systems. This was achieved not only thanks to the many years of hard work of the entire team, but also a serious attitude to the quality of products and services. Today, the Caiman Production Group has a powerful production of barbed wire and security barriers, has enough modern equipment to carry out any orders, advertises and sells its products only under registered trademarks, for which it has a license from the copyright holder – this Egoza (Madrid system) and Gyurza, Concertina, Caiman, Fidget-Super, Alligator, Cobra, Piranha (registered in Ukraine).

Having a full-cycle production, the Caiman Production Group guarantees high quality Egoza barbed wire and razor wire barriers, as it controls it at every stage of production. A flexible pricing policy allows the Caiman Production Group to maintain old ties and find new customers, among which both private individuals and commercial structures, and industrial enterprises or government departments – the barbed wire of the Cayman Production Group is used by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the State Border Service and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Today, the products of the Caiman Production Group are presented in a wide assortment – customers are offered more than 120 types of security barriers for any objects, from the estate to a nuclear power station or airport. All products of the Caiman Production Group are certified; its high quality is confirmed by numerous documents. Specialists of the Caiman Production Group also carry out the installation of Egoza barbed wire at objects of any type and purpose, anywhere in Ukraine, efficiently and on time.


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