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U-Type Holder for Dowels

Holder U-type for dowel for Concertina barbed wire
Barrier diameter to 1350 mm
Type of holder mounting dowels
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U-Shaped Holders for Dowels

U-shaped holders for dowels are designed for mounting Concertina barriers on any fences or structures. This type of holder allows you to install the Concertina security barrier on fences and structures, to which the holders can be attached using dowels or bolted connections. This allows, among other things, the installation of Concertina barbed wire without welding at high-risk facilities – at gas stations and oil depots, at gas distribution stations or gas pipelines.

U-shaped holders for dowels are made of square tube, bent in the form of a half ring, at the ends of which there are holes for passing tension wire or fixing a Concertina spiral barrier. To protect against corrosion and impart the required color to the color of the main fence, the U-shaped holders under the dowels are covered with polymer powder paint. To avoid precipitation entering the inside of the holder, the holes at the ends of the pipe are covered with plastic stoppers.

U-shaped holders for dowels are produced for mounting the Concertina spiral barrier with diameters from 400 to 1350 mm, but if necessary we can manufacture U-shaped holders for any diameter of the spiral barrier. The use of standard U-shaped holders greatly facilitates the installation of barbed wire and increases the reliability and durability of the mounted Concertina.