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Screw Piles

Screw piles for barbed wire mounting
Screw pile length 500 mm
Screw pile diameter 25 mm

Screw Pile

A screw pile is a piece of metal pipe, having a pointed end and screw blades on one side and eye on the other. Screw piles are used to install barbed-cutting obstacles of any type on cross-country terrain, for example, the Concertina razor wire net. Compared to conventional metal armature pegs, screw piles allow for stronger fixing of barriers on the ground.

A feature of screw piles is their ease of installation and retention strength in the ground. Screw piles are twisted into the ground with the help of a special device in a matter of seconds, and it is very difficult to remove them without twisting. If the prickly-cutting barrier is attached to the screw piles with the help of metal reinforcement, it is practically impossible to separate it from the ground - the fittings that have been passed into the pile eyes do not allow them to be unscrewed.

Screw piles with a diameter of 25 mm and a length of 0.5 meters, having in front of a screw blade in the form of an open ring and a tapered point, are serially produced. There is a hole in the rear part of the screw pile, sufficient to allow a medium-diameter reinforcement to pass through it. If necessary, screw piles of any design can be made, depending on the design and type of barrier, soil features, installation conditions and other features of the perimeter of the protected object.