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Standard Clip

Standard clip for barbed wire Concertina
Clip length in scan 37.0 mm
Clip thickness 1.2 mm
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Standard Clips for Concertina Barbed Wire

Standard clip is designed to fasten barbed wire in all types of Concertina obstacles – flat barrier and spiral security barrier, razor mesh and razor wire net. In addition, clips are used for the installation of all types of Concertina barbed wire obstacles on any objects. Clips are used both for fastening segments of the barriers themselves, and for fastening them to a tension wire, chain-link or fence grid.

Standard clip is a specially curved piece of steel tape that has a “lock” of dovetail design, which provides a secure bond of filaments or turns of Concertina barbed wire, as well as their attachment to a tension wire. The compression of the Standard clips type on the Concertina barbed wire is carried out using special-purpose manual or automatic tongs.

Standard clip is made of galvanized rolled steel with a thickness of 1.2 mm on automatic stamping equipment, providing high performance and quality of manufacturing staples. Standard clip has a width of 10 mm and a scan length of 37 mm, which allows you to securely fasten concertina obstacles of any design. The special design and the zinc coating of the clips guarantee high durability and long service life of the razor wire obstacles made and installed using clips of this type.