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Razor Wire Network

Concertina razor wire network
Razor wire diameter 3.1 mm
Диаметр заграждения 1500 mm
Tensile strength to 1600 MPa
Zinc coating up 290 g/m2

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Concertina Razor Wire Network

Concertina razor wire network is intended to replace low visible entanglement wire in more critical parts of the perimeter. Although Concertina razor wire net is more noticeable than entanglement wire, its strength is much higher – the use of Concertina barbed wire makes it possible to use a razor wire net even against light tracked vehicles, not to mention wheeled vehicles and foot violators.

Razor wire net consists of three Concertina barriers with a diameter of 1500 mm fastened together and fixed on the ground. If necessary, you can use more than three spirals, but usually this is not necessary. Standard clips are used to fasten spiral barriers, and metal stakes or more reliable screw piles are used to fasten a razor wire network on the ground.

Due to the large diameter of the spirals and the relatively thin barbed wire used to make them, the Concertina razor wire network has low spring properties, but is distinguished by a high ability to cling and entangle anyone who enters it. Concertina razor wire network can be installed on any terrain, regardless of its topography, which allows it to be used both for the protection of civilian objects and for strengthening the protection of sections of the perimeter of military facilities or the state border.