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Razor Barbed Wire

Concertina razor wire
Wire diameter 2.2 mm
Razor wire diamete 3.1 mm
Tensile strength to 1600 MPa
Barbed tape thickness 0.45 mm

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Concertina Razor Wire

Concertina barbed wire is an inexpensive and effective analogue of conventional barbed wire. Concertina barbed wire is made from stamped Concertina razor tape 0.45 mm thick and high carbon wire 2.2 mm in diameter. The finished Concertina reinforced barbed tape has a diameter of 3.1 mm and is used for the manufacture of flat and spiral security barriers, razor mesh and razor wire network, as well as to replace conventional barbed wire.

The production of Concertina razor tape and reinforced barbed tape is carried out at our enterprise, which has a full production cycle – from stamping barbed tape to manufacturing Concertina barriers of various types. In addition, we carry out free delivery of Concertina barbed wire to customers, as well as professional installation of barbed wire on any objects.

The Concertina barbed wire is used to manufacture spiral barriers with a diameter of 400 to 1500 mm, a flat barrier of 600 and 750 mm high, a razor mesh of 2x6.5 m, and also a Concertina razor wire network of three spirals with a diameter of 1500 mm. In addition, Concertina barbed wire is used to make barbed wire fences, canopies on fences and as a tension wire when mounting a spiral security barrier.