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Flat Barrier

Concertina flat security barrier
Razor wire diameter 3.1 mm
Coils diameter to 750 mm
Tensile strength to 1600 MPa
Zinc coating up 290 g/m2
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Concertina Flat Barrier

Flat barrier represents turns of a Concertina barbed wire located in one plane with displacement, fastened among themselves by clipss. The Concertina flat security barrier is made of Concertina razor wire with a diameter of 3.1 mm, fastened with Standard clips at the intersection of turns of barbed wire.

Concertina flat security barrier can be installed on metal, brick, wooden, concrete fences of any types and structures, as well as on any buildings or other structures. Concertina flat barrier can be used as a material for the fence, while the Concertina flat barrier is installed in several rows, forming a spiny fence. Also, a flat barrier can be installed on fences in the form of a canopy tilted to one or both sides of the fence.

Concertina flat obstacle is produced with a height of 600 mm and a length of 6 meters, as well as a height of 750 mm and a length of 7.5 meters. By fastening pieces of a Concertina flat security barrier, a flat barrier of any desired length can be obtained. For mounting a Concertina flat barrier used tension wire and special clips. Installation of a Concertina flat barrier can be performed independently, but it is better to entrust this work to professionals – our installers will install a flat barrier on any object quickly and efficiently.