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Razor Mesh

Concertina razor mesh
Razor wire diameter 3.1 mm
Barrier height to 2000 mm
Tensile strength to 1600 MPa
Zinc coating up 290 g/m2

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Concertina Razor Mesh

Concertina razor mesh (Piranha razor mesh) is a parallel string of Concertina barbed wire, stapled in staggered steps, resulting in a flat sheet of Concertina barbed wire with diamond-shaped cells. The Concertina razor mesh is designed to create barbed fences of any length, as well as reinforcing existing fences from chain-link grid, welded panels or other types of fencing.

Concertina razor mesh is available in 2 m wide and 6 m long segments. Separate segments of razor mesh are fastened together without any seams or joints, forming a continuous razor mesh of any length. Standard-type clips are used to fasten strands of barbed wire and Concertina barbed wire.

For installation of the Concertina barbed mesh as an independent barbed fence, new or existing poles of any type are used, between which the wire is stretched in several rows, to which the razor mesh is fastened. When reinforcing the protective properties of the fence, Concertina barbed mesh is simply mounted on top of the mesh or panels of the existing fence with clips. It should be noted that the installation of the Concertina razor mesh requires special skills from workers, and only professional installers can install the razor mesh efficiently.