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U-Type Holders for Welding

U-type holders for welding for barbed wire Concertina
Barrier diameter to 1350 mm
Type of holder mountingwelding
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U-Holders for Welding

U-shaped holders for welding are used to install spiral barriers of Concertina barbed wire on any fences. Holders of this type allow you to install a Concertina barrier on metal fences and structures, to which holders can be attached by welding. Such holders are usually installed on concrete or brick fences using anchor reinforcement, as well as on non-standard metal fences or other metal structures.

U-shaped holders for welding are made of a square pipe bent in the shape of a half-ring, at the ends of which there are holes for a tension wire or fixing a spiral barrier of Concertina with a knitting wire. To protect against corrosion and impart the required color, U-shaped holders for fastening by welding are coated with powder-coated polymeric paint. To avoid precipitation entering the inside of the holders, the holes at the ends of the pipe are covered with plastic stoppers.

U-shaped holders for fastening by welding are serially produced for a Concertina barrier with a diameter of 400 to 1350 mm, but if necessary, U-shaped holders of any design and for any diameter of a spiral can be made. The use of standard U-shaped holders greatly facilitates the installation of barbed wire and increases the reliability and durability of the installed of Concertina.