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Concertina Brand Website

Concertina new website

A site representing barbed wire and other products under the Concertina trademark, manufactured by the leading producer of barbed wire in Ukraine – the Caiman Production Group, has been commissioned. The Concertina trademark produces the reliable and economical Concertina barbed wire, as well as a wide range of perimeter engineering protection systems based on it. Concertina barbed wire is used to make about two dozen types of concertina barriers with diameters from 400 to 1500 mm, a flat security barrier with a height of 600 and 750 mm, a Piranha razor mesh of from Concertina wire, Concertina barbed wire net and other types of razor wire security barriers.

The website of the Concertina trademark presents the entire range of products advertised and marketed under the Concertina trademark. In addition, the site has a price list with current prices of barbed wire, flat, spiral and other Concertina security barriers, as well as documents confirming the rights to use the Concertina trademark and certificates confirming the high quality of Concertina barbed wire, Concertina barriers, a Concertina flat barrier, Concertina barbed wire net and other types of security barriers offered by the Caiman Production Group.