The Caiman Production Group is 26 years old!

29 August 2020
Concertina razor wire

The Caiman Production Group, the leader of the Ukrainian barbed wire and security barriers market, celebrated 26 years since its foundation. As the largest domestic and world manufacturer of Concertina barbed wire and razor wire security barriers, the Caiman production group offers its customers more than 100 types of concertina security barriers made of modern Concertina barbed wire, dozens of types of flat security barriers, Piranha razor mesh and Caiman pyramidal barriers, quick-release barriers of various designs and purposes.

The Caiman Production Group performs all types of work on the design, manufacture and installation of engineering systems for perimeter protection based on modern Concertina barbed wire and concertina barriers. All work on the installation of Concertina barbed wire and the installation of security barriers is performed by professional installers who have many years of experience in working with Concertina barbed wire and are equipped with all the necessary equipment. In addition, the Caiman Production Group delivers barbed wire and Concertina barriers free of charge to all settlements of Ukraine, which have delivery service departments (New Mail and others). A long-term guarantee is given for Concertina barbed wire and security barriers, as well as for all types of installation work.


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